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Pledge Rewards
Thank You.
$1.00 or more monthly
  • We'll post your name and a link to your blog or social media page on our great wall of supporters.
New Releases!
$5.00 or more monthly
  • You'll receive access to a DRM-free copy (EPUB/MOBI) of our new releases before anyone else!
  • We'll also include our $1 level reward.
Top Secret Files!
$10.00 or more monthly
  • You'll get a first look at our upcoming projects.
  • This includes a first look at our cast of characters, cover art, and portions of the plot!
  • All prior rewards are included!
Create A Character!
$50.00 or more monthly
  • We'll work on the development of a character with you!
  • He or she could play anything from a minor role to a protagonist/antagonist.
  • Some restrictions apply. We are going to make sure that the character fits into the story.
  • We'll also put your name in the Acknowledgements section!
  • All prior rewards are included!