About Krin & Eagle
Pledge Rewards
We want YOU to FEEL CONNECTED TO US! May we BOTH feel the gift of that connection each month when you participate with your subscription. We want you to know we value you! YOU ARE IMPORTANT TO US!!! Your Participation Matters To Us! YOUR CONTRIBUTION to our lives MATTERS!
$1.00 or more monthly
  • thank you thank thank you thank you for sending the message to my kid that he matters enough in this world to you to be worth a dollar a month, thank you. thank you for letting us matter to you. you matter to us as well. thank you!
  • no matter how small the gift, this gift of connection is ever so looked forward to each month. we wil celebrate you extra special for this extra bit of connection we have between us. :)
  • to us, your one little dollar is like receiving a million dollars from you.. it meant you thought our ideas were worth something. that we were worth something, and we are truly very honored and grateful for your dollar.. it gives us hope. i gives us a sense of relief that we mattered to you enough to do this. thank you!!!!
kindness & connection
$5.00 or more monthly
  • such a sigh of relief, and such a glimer of hope... closing my eyes with such deep quiet appreciation your celebrating this journey with us
a BIG WOW, gratitude
$20.00 or more monthly
  • WOW.. THANK YOU! once we can afford to do so, we hope to have a material reward we could send you in return for this.
  • but in the meantime, we thank you for helping us to be almost be able to pay our webhosting platform! It's doesn't fully pay for it but it makes such such such a big differene and we ever so appreciate it!!
  • once we make enough to pay for some classes for eagle, that 20 also could really help to pay for a class for kiddo which we would then a video to teach you what we had learned
  • or help us pay for some software for kiddo to get to do some fancier designs for you
  • once we have convered the bills, this would allow us to go to a lecture to learn more which we can then share with you on the videos
A part of the engine
$50.00 or more monthly
  • this will give you a chance to join our group consulting/coaching sessions which we will then share up on youtube .. its a chance to chitchat with others like you who want to chichat with us and who also want to create a harmonious world of awareness and peace and abundance
  • you also get a great big thank you thank you thank you for helping us pay another month of electricity, or another month of internet, or another month of water bill, or another month of gas and/or so much more... THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!
an encourager
$150.00 or more monthly
  • get your very own personal consulation/coaching session once a month each month;and an opportunity to interact with us online each month, **sessions will be recorded BUT you will have the option for it to be out online or kept private
  • you also get all of the previous rewards as well
  • we will even send you email and text reminders to help you remember to check your posture and your awareness
  • or if you are interested in the gardening consulting we will even help "hold your virtual hand" to help encourage you to grow your very own edible oasis : )
somebody who cares and can afford to help out some
$400.00 or more monthly
  • you not only will get the opportunity to meet online for two hours each month with the option to have the video posted online or kept private .
  • but we will make also make a video dedicated to you and on a topic of your choosing if its something we are ok with
  • PLUS you will have an option to be listed in our credits and have your own product advertised.
  • AND of course,you will get an opportunity to meet in person for your consultation if you come to where we are
a sponser
$1000.00 or more monthly
  • all of the previous rewards plus a chance to spend a whole weekend putting together a garden and learnign about body listening and empathy and more.