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$5.00 or more monthly
  • for $5 whole dollars, you can bask in the knowledge of knowing that you support someone who has to cycle twitter handles because i make crybabies cry to jack just for fun.
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$10.00 or more monthly
  • For $10 whole dollars, not only can you bask in the knowledge that you support me, but you also get supporter only that's pretty cool
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$20.00 or more monthly
  • for $20, you can request a video on any topic you like, because for $20 a month, why the hell not?
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  • i legit don't even know why i have this tier, but for $50/mo the lest i can do is skype chat with you once a month,right?
A Good Day to Support Hard
$100.00 or more monthly
  • for $100/month and because you're clearly crazy, you can get all the other tiers, plus you can guest on a stream with me on any topic you choose and choose other guests you'd like and i will beg and plead for them to do it on your behalf!