We Stand for Free Speech

Recently, free speech has come under threat on a number of media platforms. These platforms have the power to silence makers who express ideas outside the political mainstream by drying up their funding. But, not only do they have this power; they are acting on it too. There's a word for this: censorship.

We realized it's time to take a stand. As long as makers are forced to depend on these censorship-prone platforms, truly free speech will never be possible.

At MakerSupport, we're building a way for fans to support their favorite makers across the world. We so strongly support free speech, we make some up-front promises:

  • We don't specifically endorse any of the content created by any of the makers on our platform. Their actions and words are not a reflection on us.
  • We will not censor any political content. We reserve the right to remove obscene content (pornography, etc.) but nobody will be targeted for political views.

If you've had enough of the demonetisation and censorship on other platforms, we encourage you to give MakerSupport a try!